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Waxing Tips & Tricks


1. Hairs must be the size of a grain of rice (¼ inch) long or longer. Shorter hairs will not get picked up by the wax. It takes 3 consistent waxes with NO shaving in between before all hairs are on the same growth cycle. Your bikini hair has 3 cycles naturally. Shaving will not get the root of the hair on the same growing cycles. This is why it takes 3 consistent waxes before you can expect “the perfect wax”.

2. Clients must exfoliate 48-24 hours prior to wax appointment. This will ensure all dead skin is gone and the hairs will come up beautifully and will make for a less painful wax. You can use a heavy scrub or a dry brush to exfoliate.

3. Please arrive to your appointment very well hydrated. Caffeine may make you more sensitive. Some clients take an Advil or Ibuprofen 30 mins prior to help with discomfort.


1. Pores will be open for 12 hours. Keep the freshly waxed area clean of chemicals and bacteria(no hot tubs or gym that day).

2. You are free to shower and use film free body wash and moisturizer that day.

3. 4 days after your wax, exfoliate again. And continue to exfoliate every 4 days throughout the cycle.

4. Moisturize with a film free product everyday.

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